Frequently Asked Questions


1 In which category post will be assigned?

 Category will be created based on advertiser's category in commission junction, if it is not exits. Also you can set it manually in advance settings page.


2 how frequently products will be posted?

 Default time is 24 hour, you can also set it to hourly/twice daily/daily in advance settings page. Please note that this Plugin uses wordpress's cron function to archive that so your blog needs to have enough traffic for automatic posting. You can also set cron task in your hosting provider’s control panel with instructions given in advanced setting.


3 Can I request another affiliate network?

Currently we have 6 different affiliate networks covered. However, we know there are more.

If you would like to build a new affiliate network plugin then please Contact Us We can't guarantee we'll be able to build them but we will do our best.


4 Do you offer free trial for you plugins ?

No, But you can try our Commission Junction plugin which is available free at wordpress site here


5 What is the system requirement to use your plugins ?

Minimum system required to run our plugins are:

  • PHP 5.3 or up
  • Mysql 5.6 or up
  • Wordpress blog 3.0 or up
  • Curl extension for PHP
  • allow-url-fopen on in php.ini
  • And of course an active publisher/affiliate account with affiliate network.

All of this is provided by most of hosting providers, So you have to set nothing.


6 Do you have return/refund policy ?

No we do not offer any refund on paid orders because plugins are digital products with minimal security, so please check your requirements and read product description before placing your order.


7 Do I need to be approved by a merchant to display their products?

Yes, you must be approved by a merchant in order to receive a commission for sales your website refers to the merchant.

While technically you can show products on your site from merchants who have not approved your affiliate account, none of those products' affiliate links will work. Most likely they will lead to a 404 or error page.


8 Can I give your plugins to my friends ?

No, You can not. It is against out policy.


9 Can I use your plugins in many websites I owned ?

Yes and No, Yes you can use plugins in unlimited number of websites if you have purchased multisite version of that plugin otherwise it will not work in another website. It will only work on first installed website.


10 Which payment methods do you accepts ?

Currently we only accepts Paypal as payment method, Paypal is a safe and secure payment gateway.


 11 Do you offer any discounts ?

Yes, Please check our bundled packages.


 12 I want to buy only two plugins not package, can you give me discount ?

Please contact us with your requirements and we will give discounts if possible.


 13 I have a feature request/bug report, where can I submit it?

You can contact us directly here or visit plugin site;